22 June 2009

A little Polical Thing...A respone I had written on my friend Lydia Cornell's website regarding the question...Why are Republicans so afraid?

The image above I found on my computer...this picture was taken last winter. It's weird how these strange tricks of light happen in pictures. This one always reminds me of an angel caught by the camera...It's like protection. From darkness...evil...saddness...loss...and WAR.
Tom had taken this picture...he called me and I looked over my shoulder...and he snapped by surprise...and this is the dramatic result...I think it's fitting for this litte political thing for the reasons explained above.
I'm glad I can share it with you...

Yes, I am very outspoken politically...it's part of my "The Right Thing And God...And My Quest..."

Below please read what I had written on my friend Lydia's site. She has the best, hot topics...

And I'm NOT afraid...

The truth shall set you free...

Republicans are running scared because, they are one by one, actually, many by many...are being exposed for the crimes they have committed. Self severing people. The last 8 years of what happened to our beautiful country and all its people...is now an exposed crime. Did George and Company really think we were that dumb? While we were terrified over terrorists...and watching the repug fed media..."the war on terror" was a shameful fraud...a distraction for us here in the states. We were being robbed blind by our own leaders. The people didn't select them...the money bought them...and they delivered. All the while "the war on terror" (not the war on oil...or the 'illusion of terror') ran on and on and on...what the hell are they fighting for? Everyone is dying over there...Americans and regular normal people just like you and me from the war torn countries.If George and Company wanted to battle the war on terror...HE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA...SECURING THE BORDERS...SHOWING UP WHEN THE SUPPOSEDLY UN BREACHED LEVY'S IN NEW ORLEANS FLOODED AND KILLED PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME.Everything they stood for was so Un-American.I love what good ole Joe Biden said.When George and Company were elected (yeah right) into office...George put up a "FOR SALE" sign on the White House's front lawn.Freedom bought changed hands and was sold. Those that let, without any feelings of...I don't know...shame...sadness...guilt... etc... are now being head hunted... where did the money go? Why did you do that? How could you let that happen?They are scared because the new "Left Team" is coming to get them...and they have no where to hide.Pray.God forgives you...and we as Christians should forgive you...BUT...not everyone is like that...Sorry.

I was thinking what I had written was really harsh...then I saw Mitt Romney's face (he and his slick $200 haircut...and nasty sneer) and I thought of him looking like...and acting like my old drug dealer. I saw Sarah Palin's face...and her obnoxious and inappropriate winks to the camera...and how she had self served her state for her own tailor fit needs...Then I saw Cheney...and his pinched angry face...allowing and planning torture...and war before getting into the White House...what do you call a man like him? He reminds me of the guy that caused WW2.And Big and Little George...Daddy's War...George and his (not on drugs again...mmmm) twitching, messed up...beady eyed face...in his rare public speeches...lying like his father...lying...lying...lying.I think of the women behind these men...women are the hearts and the love and support technically...where were they?Nah...my comment was just and due and right.Ladies and Gentlemen...In the event of The Obama Administration coming to get you...brace your backs to the cushion...put your head between your knees...then....give your ass a good kiss goodbye...



  1. Thanks Jim, for posting this. I love your comments, always brilliant, deep and truly thoughtful... insightful.

    I have to be up at 4 AM to take family to the airport, burning candle at both ends.

    Can't figure out the blogger add tonight.

    Luv you!!

  2. Hey, I love the picture Tommy took. I turned it sideways and it looks like 2 angels. Sparkling light of God..

  3. Nice picture Bud!
    I can't stand Romney! When he was speaking while McCain was running he said democrats and our desire to have a welfare stateand take care of the sick and elderly was America's biggest problem. Remember, he still wants to do for America what he did to us.
    Republicans have two big fears. They fear their white America slipping away and an equal fear is Obama destroying their version of America put in place by Bush>


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