03 July 2009

Pailin...winking her way out...in other words...I think there is BIG trouble in the Queen's Empire

For the color of blood on your hands.

Palin and Romney have the worst social graces. They are supposed to be representing something good about our country as "Americans" themselves...yeah, right.

I've said before...here in Massachusetts Mitt Romney...sold us down the river. And believe me did he sell and we paid big. I don't want to get too deep as I have a story coming up related to this. I lost my sister a couple of years ago...3 or 4. Romney was in office. He deemed that state run places for the mentally retarded and the very low functioning...were not necessary. He was on this, "lets mainstream them...treat them like humans." Well, Mitt...they were mainstreamed. A lot have died. Lost...without friends, family, a familiar face. Here is your small stipend disability check...here is your rent controlled place. Someone might check in on you once and a while...now go shopping for yourself...live your life be free.

I said, gone.

My sister would have died without the Fernald Center. He axed that to crap. Unable to recover...people are trying their hardest.

Patti, my sister, wasn't even supposed to reach puberty. I handed her back to God...from my arms...1 month before her 40th birthday. Thank you God. Thank you Fernald Staff...I'll be posting Patti's story soon...for she alone was the wisest, most happy and loving person I'll ever know. Though deemed "disabled" she couldn't walk or talk but, she worked mountain moving miracles.

I brought up Mitt because I've been reading Palin articles...and they include her departure as a set up for "classy" Mitt Romney. 2012.

Mitt and his huge state spent hairspray bill could have helped the American starving children...I say that kind of in jest but, not really...

I just have a hunch that...as I've said before, in response to my friend, Lydia Cornell's question, Why are Republicans so Scared?

The truth is unraveling...like President Obama said something to the effect of...Hey, I'm not perfect...and have a cabinet and you to help me make this work. The Republicans are scared that this is working for you and me...and their threat of master/slave culture is getting further and further from view. All that work. All that hate. All those killings. Now Mr and Mrs Middleclass Nobody wants more...then more...next...we will be providing them affordable health care!

Where are you going, Sarah? Like I said, you have 0 social graces for a woman in your position. You're up there with Paris Hilton.

She's probably going to be the 1st Republican Government woman from Alaska...to pose "classy" nude for playboy.

I think she's in trouble.

I'll pray for you Sarah...

Because you hate people like me...

And in my previous story...

My heart and home are in a...


Blessed are the Peacemakers...for they are the ones that truly do God's work.

God...Bless and Protect Us All...

02 July 2009


When you pray to always do the right thing...God delivers...in the strangest ways, sometimes.

I was just in a parking lot about 15 minutes ago...and I looked at the car next to mine. Tommy was driving and I was waiting for him...I was in the passenger seat. A woman with beautiful skin came past me...we nodded and smiled. She was just about to close the door when I realized she had a little sticker on her window.


So...you know I have to talk to her...my window was half opened and I motioned to her to roll down her window.

In a 10 minute conversation...I, in my heart and soul, believe God placed her there.

I'll tell you why.

She was parked too close to my door for me to get in the car at first. Tom pulled the car out...I got in and he parked the car again. I was a little grumbler...I have been lately. The weather here has been very gloomy...London, Seattle...You know?

I've been feeling very uninspired. I shut the world...and my loved ones off. I withdrew into a dangerous place...ME MYSELF AND I. I was in self pity...I was bitching to my self...degrading my self...all alone. I stayed in bed...and it actually hurt to get up and pee or get a drink.

I had an appointment today...to be a hair model, with my mom too.

We got to talk...I was mono tone...Gloomy, threatening skies.

The sky is crying.

After seeing this sticker...and meeting this lady...my life turned....

No, the sky is not crying, the sky is blue...(somewhere...or it'll be back)

We in 10 minutes, spoke of love, pain, religion, SPIRITUALITY, equality, gratitude...and just about what we are all supposed to be about. Like an open antenna...receiving and giving love...

Full Circle.

There are no co incidents...

And, Lady...I'm really bad with names but I never forget a face...

I'm thanking God for you as I write...as I have been since our meeting.

Tommy remarked, "OH, GEEZ...HE'S BAAAAACCCKK~"

Yes, I am...thank God.

People open your hearts.

Believe in Miracles.

Let's work together.

Let's not size each other up.

Let the weary gain strength.

Let us forgive the sins that put the world where it is now.

Lets make everything, together, the way we always wanted it.

The way God wants it.

His demands aren't heavy...

Do the best you can...

Enjoy his gifts...

Love one another...

...and the PROMISE...

No, I will not leave you...

And you will not die...

For you shall have everlasting life...

That is my mission. To grasp at that. I'm a regular guy...I get caught up in crap.

I believe.

I wasn't expecting it.

God never left me.

God delivered.

In the market parking lot....

Just when I needed it most.

"...there are angels here on earth...and some of them are way up there in heaven...."


Full Circle

I'm Better

Thank God.

...and THANK YOU...MISS...you know who you are...I do too...