19 October 2011

My Response To The Most Recent Garbage Spewed From The Gates Of Hell. Eric Cantor and his dirty rotten mouth....And Then There Is Michele Bachman. Dismiss the Mich...she lies.

My Response To The Most Recent Garbage Spewed From The Gates Of Hell. Eric Cantor and his dirty rotten mouth....

by James Hillis Ford on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 9:40pm


The following are the quotes from Eric Cantor. Most recently his response to the Americans Against Wall Street.

See my closing response at the end.

God Save Us.

"More important than my use of the word is that there is a growing frustration out there across the country and it is warranted. Too many people are out of work."

"Where I am most concerned is we have elected leaders in this town who are frankly joining in the effort to blame others rather than focus on the policies that have brought about the current situation," he said. "I mean, when you hear of the Democrat elected leaders joining in, blaming parts of our economy and society, versus 'let's take some of the credit or blame here in Washington.' These are policies they put in place, and a lot can be done here in this town to turn the economy around and promote income mobility, and not go in and excoriate some who have been successful. We want success for everybody."

"People are beginning to wake up and see a country they don’t really recognize,"

"The Tea Party were individuals that were attempting to address their grievances, seeking redress of their grievances, from the government they elected," he said. "It's different, from what I see, of the protesters on Wall Street and elsewhere, that are pitting themselves against others outside of government in America. That's the difference."

These quotes from Eric Cantor echo the current mass of the Republican/Tea Party/GOP finger pointing in a passive aggressive way.

First...Why are so many people out of work, Eric? Take a hard look at the policies and prejudices you support. Then when your finished dancing with the devil...come in out of the darkness and confess...

Second. Regarding your quote of Democrats joining forces with the American People...isn't that what good government is all about. Also, the blame piece...Eric, you and your Cancer growth party of the most cruel and sinister people I have ever witnessed...take your blame. Take the blame. This whole article was about you, Eric Cantor, sounding like the foot stomping, spoiled rotten metaphorical little sister, white dress, blue ribbons and tap shoes...crossed armed and lying about the dead cat she put in the blender...I didn't do it...not me...or the GOPs.

Finally, you don't want anyone to succeed. Only the high mukity mucks that throw you some cash for covering up murder. The Tea Party thing...they have been the most violent, anger stirring, racist, gun toting, barn groups. Lying to Americans, Instilling Fear...Inducing anger and fury into the mindset of the misguided and misinformed people...you know the ones, Quoting Fox Bullsh*** verbatim as facts...Rush loving, Beck supporting, Coulter hailing...sad, angry people...that will die early, young and miserable because they never were guided to love, heart...and peace. You have them on 24 hour watch over fake terrorists, democrat gun stealers, cap and trade...and the rest. Eric and all the rest of the Republicans like him...and to the GOP president racers...I am soooo ashamed of all of you...I really wish I could push, "mute" and shut you all up. Crazy, lying...and all for self profit.

Someone hand them out some water from one of the cities where there is a KOCH factory. Anyone?

Oh, just another unrelated thing...

I watched a YOUTUBE video of Michele Bachmann interviews...A million times her response to the questions about the FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS is, "...I'm running for the president of The United States Of America...my husband MARCUS BACHMANN isn't running for the United States Of America Presidency...my personal family business is not the real issue at hand here...Shall we talk about ObamaCare..."

Michele and Marcus Bachmann should never made their ugliness such a spectacle...I can't stop laughing at Marcus with his online credentials...he's not a real Doctor...And Michele Bachmann...going to the Oral Roberts Institute for her law degree...that's where the not soooo bright go to pony up dough to get shuffled along the system and get a degree in law.  By the way, Michele...I don't think you were being obedient to your master...Paul Lynde's clone, Marcus Bachmann.  You became a tax attorney because that is the only place for a "bright" girl like you.  Boy, can she stamp those papers...very good Michele.

Ghoulish Frauds...just in time for Halloween.

Even a guy like me can be a viper...I call out heroes...

And I expose the demons that care only about cash and weird fetishes like the Bachmann's...anyone into Disciplining Barbarians...They need to be disciplined and educated.

Well...that's funny.  Because, Michele Bachman and Marcus Bachmann should be disciplined and educated for the line of work they are in.

I think I would crack up in Marcus Bachmann's clinic.  With his perfectly coiffed hairdo...and his Paul Lynde style of speech...in a therapy session where he talks about my "Gay" sex life...and asks explanations and details...almost as if he wanted......