26 January 2012

Mitt Romney Cashes In At The Expense Of The Poor And Dying. Now, He Was Forced To Reveal He Hides His Dirty Taxless Cash. I am so in need of a dentist...maybe I should ask, Mitt

I am so ashamed of Mitt Romney.

Not because he looks, acts...and is similar to my old drug dealer...one of my closest friends was working a Union Contract Construction Site...he was walking with another employee as they were carrying long pieces of wood for beams.  Kenny was the guy at the front...he also fell 9 stories to the ground.  The safe area they were working in...suddenly became an "unsafe" area.  Romney was the governor of Massachusetts.  A lot of this stuff happened.  Ken telescoped one leg up to his hip.  He shattered his knees.  He crunched disks in his back...you get the picture.  He was disqualified for insurance by the Union and The Contract Owners.  He wore a cast, a makeshift thing...he was given heavy pain meds...to shut him up, probably.  He had a mortgage, disabled parents, a young sister in his care...Somehow, the pain medicine Doctor stopped Kenny's pills.  OxyContin, Dilaudid, Percocet, a patch.  Now, opportunity knocks for a mean, heartless, bad ass, murderer...drug dealer.  He charged $80.00 a pill for Oxy 80mg.  The women in the neighborhood (upscale kind of neighborhood....on the beachfront) were suddenly all over Kenny...husbands pimped their wives out...all for the most expensive form of heroin in the late 90s to 2000s.  Ken was a nice looking guy...he and his friends called me the chick magnet...I always met the girls...people don't scare me.  Mitt Romney and his crimes scare me. 
So, Kenny has this huge drug bill...the dealer gave him what looked like 3lbs of sugar in a block.  Very fine Peruvian flake cocaine.  This dealer...this idiot murderer wanted him to sell it to the kids in the neighborhood.  That wasn't Kenny's design.  He was a nice looking guy...he loved the kids in the neighborhood, every 4th of July...he had the city close the street in his beach community for the best time.  He made the best ChexMix...he didn't' drink...he had a lust for life.  He loved people...and he had his love returned full circle.  He wasn't weird-ed out that I was gay or maybe still bi...I forget.
One of the pimped out  neighborhood wives really had him going.  I went into rehab, went bankrupt, and my sister died in my arms, I was going through an abusive break up, and I had too much demand on me at work re International Customs...I was contracted to Swiss Air for a year.
Kenn in his messed up state believed this woman was going to escape to Southern California...he would sell the house, get his sister...lies lies lies...for drugs for herself and husband.
Ken disappeared for a few days.  He called me with condolences.  One more time I was going to try and gently let him know that the wife is gross, a liar, is of a class where husbands pimp them out for drugs...I think in the days he was gone...he knew it.  He knew he had a hard habit to kick...there was no California...he was in heavy duty danger from the Mitt Romney looking drug dealer...in a Lexus or Mercedes...lacking beauty because slick hair drug man put fluorescent bulbs in the under carriage...once he had a convertible with 6 slick thugs sitting up on the seats.
Ken didn't say where he went.  He made sure I was ok.  He said he would meet me at my sisters wake.  My sister lived in the Fernald School.  This was a property with full medical staff to attend to severely disabled people.  My sister had to move there from home when she needed tubes for breathing and tubes for eating.  Patti lived in a bungalow on the grounds.  It was most like home.  4 rooms at the 4 corners of the building.  A nurses station was in the middle...listening, watching...dedicating their lives to people that don't have what we take for granted.  Walking, Getting new shoes...A Newbury St hairdo for a splurge.  Patti knew the differences between herself and others.  She could have existed miserably.  She chose, love, laughter, friends, music, company...She wasnt supposed to reach puberty.  She died a month before turning 40...I held her as the last whisper...and she took flight with the Angels Of Departure.  I'm telling you this because, Mitt Romney put into action that funding and facilities for loving humans to be in a safe, familiar haven.  The clients were so disabled they needed full staff...specialists.  Mitt Romney pulled the funding on funds and services for those living with such severe mental, physical retardation.  Now, I attend the meetings as the facility closed.  The town hall room is full of people that want a bus stop, trees, mini mall, affordable housing...etc...all at the sake of an innocent human beings life...and government funds to pay for it.  Its outrageous.  God took my sister just before it happened.
After my call with Ken...I was worried.  He wasn't right...and it wasn't just withdrawal...

When Kenny said, I love you...I'm sorry about all you're going through....but, I'll see you soon...
He hung up his cell phone call with me...called his city police dept...and he said, my name is Kenneth ....   I live at...and I'm shooting my brains out.

He shot the gun through the cell phone...

Goodbye, Patti.  I know you're in Heaven....thank you.

Goodbye, Kenny.  I know you're in Heaven...with all the hottest chicks...and you are pain free...thank you, Ken.

This is very long.  I hope you read it...and get the connections...

I hope you will find Mitt Romney...and his love for his neighbors...non existent.  He has hidden money in Swiss Accounts, Tropical Island accounts...he didn't pay taxes until he was investigated...and still, Slick Mitt in his foolish $235.00 hair do...color cut and gel.  Romney, you rich, selfish bastard...the hair was out in the 80s and with Reagan...You destroyed my state.  You profited off contracts given without the protocol of bidding...and choosing.

You profited of my sisters friends...her home...the safe place for people that need it.
Many clients have died due to being put into understaffed, overcrowded, homes with a minimum of unqualified staff.

A man, that had Cerebral Palsy just like my sister...and was very deformed (I hate that word) was jammed into one of these group facilities.  He died a violent, painful death.  It was deemed an accident but, how could a man with no control of his arms, legs, body movements...manage to unfasten the adult diaper in the back...pull the front tabs off...and take his dirty diaper...and jam in down his throat?  The diaper was barely visible as it was lodged so deep into the esophagus.

To those that suffer Mitt Romney's crimes, bribes, back pocket filling...and taking all his profit...and leave us here to perish...

Mitt Romney...I love you out of God's duty.

Mitt Romney...I don't like you.  Mitt Romney's ripple effect is still shattering residents here in Massachusetts.

When it is time for it to happen to you...I hope you get some help from a program that you flung out the window...

Poor Peoples Rights...

James Hillis Ford