27 May 2012

Your Space In Time.....Authoring YOUR Life's Story

Turning many pages on the book. Closing many...becasue, I'm writing the final sentance on alot of open pages. Specifically, the pages on how God answered my prayers...Time, AND my space in time, is a funny thing...I know I'll go on forever but, it's not for me to question, "why didn't I just listen to the answers to my questions sooner OR so long ago? I feel no guilt or shame, I'm a mortal human being...just like you...and when I was ready and strong enough to face the answers...The light flickered, grew and ignighted in full blue/white flames. I do my best to be right here writing this...AND opting for taking my passionate paths instead of being afraid of them...and I'm hoping you'll understand what I'm sharing with you...man to you, heart and soul...I've already done everything you're doing...I can tell you about the paths I've taken...Maybe it'll make your roads easier and lighter. A major answer is delivered for the umpteenth time, if you place all of YOU and your TIME into The Fear of the paths you want to take...You'll be sitting in Fear for time immemorium...you'll look in the mirror...see silver streaks in your hair...and still be in fear that you never took those chances or those paths...

Now is the best time...it's all you've got. Tomorrow never comes. Yesterday was just another page in your book of life's lessons,legends and YOUR STORY. Opt for facing life without fear...God and All of us are here doing it everyday too...So, c'mon...you're not dead yet. Write a best seller...and never be afraid of love.

Much love,