09 December 2009

Mitt Romney Ex Governer of Massachusetts Deemed Funding For The Severley Mentally Retarded Too Expensive...And Dismissed Beautiful Human Beings As If They Were Not Worthy...

I have a very sad story to tell...
I will update this story high priority...as I'm being pulled to help those directly...a lot.

My sister wasn't supposed to hit puberty...and her life was supposed to end by age 9 or so...

Thanks to The Fernald School she lived until she was almost 40...the happiest girl I will ever know...she didn't have what most of us take for granted but, she chose love and happiness...she left the planet in my arms surrounded by the 100's she touched.

They are closing the facitly...selling the land...and are looking for public funding for a bus stop...affordable housing...a park...etc...
Why not chose human beings over a tree or a bus stop? Why not invest in those that we, as human beings, have the responsiblity to protect and love those who are "special".

I'm so ashamed of you Mitt Romney. I'm ashamed of you Deval Patrick...and all you criminals that want to capitalize and want us to dismiss and forget beautiful people like you do.

I chose not to.
It's the Right Thing.
Shame on those who know what they have done...and want to do.
Shame on me for having feelings that aren't very nice towards them.
God help me forgive those and fix the crime they have committed.

More soon...

People...I love you all...please help me bring public awareness to the cruelty, saddness and crimes that are being committed to those we are to protect and love.

There shouldn't be any question.
Please return us to Love.


"The buildings and grounds survive as a center for mentally disabled adults, operated by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation. In 2001, 320 adults resided at Fernald, with ages ranging from 27 to 96 years and an average age of 47 years. According to a December 13, 2004 article in the Boston Globe, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced in 2003 that the facility would be closed and the land sold by 2007."
From Wiki Pedia.