05 August 2009


I can't name the many corporations ceo's that, what shall I say, benefited the most by Bush/Cheney/Satan Administration...by raking in the dough at the top...and stealing from the front line workers.

Anyway, after following the "ceo's" and the "owners" and the "investors" and the "contracts" of Bush's Medicare...and prescriptions drug companies...and Insurance Companies...etc...Guess where they all trace back to?So, of course the Republican parties...and the "Dems in disguise" don't want a thing to do with the health care proposals that come from Obama and his team.They will NOT be able to benefit by contract and PRICE GOUGE! They can't steal anymore.They can't line their pockets by deciept.They are using every fear tactic by presenting it to us through Repug media...etc...as if it were almost Communist...not Socialist.These terms that describe the way our country is headed aren't at all what is going on.

These are words people toss out and ignorant greedy hate ridden pigs spread them like a disease...Scaring people...into wanting another Bush.

The Obama Teams Heath Plan is a tool that is going to be used as a "survial skill" for us as American's... to be well enough to work together in the recovery work our country needs.

There is nothing to lose with Obama's Plan...After all...What other choices do a lot of us have?

I'd hate to see people continue to be in painful, sick, sad, scared...and deadly illness because they aren't among the few that afford health insurance...or those that are among the many that are being ripped off and thrown into debt by being forced into a Communist heath insurance.

The last administration left us in the dust...taking all they could grab like a whirlwind...and now they are bitching for more.

Don't they have enough already?Remember Georgey in Kindergarten? Now, now Georgey, Mitty and Dickey...you have to share with Jimmy, Mikey and Lyddie.I'm letting deceipt in the name or corporate greed and corruption get to me

...And it makes me need this insurance even more.

Bless us all.

04 August 2009

The Look Of A Lost Soul...That Believes Not In God!

This is a picture of me taken at a friends house up on the North Shore...in the Town of Beverly. My friend is amazing, eclectic, eccentric and she's the type of girl that you just love to hear her laugh...So the jokes roll on.
There is a little weird history on my friend's house.
I is a large mansion surrounded by stone walls and iron gates.
The lighting is eerie.
There is a court yard.
There is a Ball Room.
There is a library.
There are staff bungalows.
It's a condo now...and my friend rents an apartment there.
It was at one time a brothel.
It's been there so long that the house speaks it's stories through what you see...what you feel...how you behave...
Sometimes Curious.
Sometimes Scared.
Always Fascinating.
For it was in these parts that witches were burned on the beach.
This house was part of the underground railroad.
This house was a porthole to freedom...
To a new beginning...
All backed by Love and God.
How could anyone fail with God on their side?
My friend lifted up, what looked like a stationary cabinet, and it sort of was like a trap door.
You open the door and you think its just a little storage area.
She shimmy's something...and voila!
It is The Underground Rail Road.
She says the tunnels at one time ran through to the City of Boston...via all suburbs.
Blessed God...
The picture I posted was taken at this house when I thought they were just adjusting the camera...there were many like these...those guys kept snapping my picture, without flash...as I stared into Nothing.
Nothing is where God isn't
We all have something.
Scientist, Mathematicians, Biologists...Geniuses...
Can all debate on God or Nothing.
Big Bang?
Who caused it.
Why does the solar system work so perfectly.
In nature...where we are from...
All from God.
Are perfect.
In a metaphoric image...
There is a devil...a demon...a sinister force.
You can't have good without bad.
That defies the laws of Nature.
And God.
If anyone doesn't believe...
And this life is all there is...
And we just go nowhere...
A Lost Soul.
No more love.
No more Spirit.
No more God.
I'm praying for you now...
For those that have made their decision
That we go nowhere...
Follow people like myself...
My Good Friend...Lydia Cornell http://www.lydiacornell.com/
The Full Circle
And comes back for you...
Until you believe...
And even then...
We never leave you.
God never leaves you...
We are heirs and heiress to his promise of everlasting life...
In his Kingdom.
Again, in that picture...that look and the weird lighting...and the weird creepy feelings you get with drafts and sounds...in a "haunted house"
My face looks like I'm not there.
My face looks like God's not there.
It scared me.
Now I have a reason to turn it into a little miracle...
Things aren't always what they seem.
You can't read people by expression, color, creed, politics...
But some people do...and make judgments and decisions on their own.
That is without God.
Hey Everybody...
The healing has begun...
Let's rejoice.
My love is pouring into these words...
And they will be read and spoken...
And it will come back to me...
Like life, love, the planet and God...
Full Circle.
Just Believe.

03 August 2009

Hate...Because Of A Person's Feeling Of Entitlement!

If you look closely at the center of the fire...you might see the image of a sinister, evil face...

Sort of like a demon. Fire, Hate, Burning, Pain...Who will put it out?

Hi Friends,

I haven't updated since 15Jul09...I've been busy, weddings, appointments and then the bout of my kidney thing really had me thrown down.

I did do a story for CNN Ireport about the whole Sgt Crowley and Prof. Gates hate thriving media twisting mess.

I live in a Suburb near Cambridge...I know the area. It's like when I lived in Beverly Hills...you cross 1 street and you go from Hell's Kitchen to a totally opposite place. I know Sgt Crowley, personally...as I've worked with him a few times over the past few years. Put it this way, he would always come with his best friend, not that it matters, a black man. He teaches his "racial profiling" classes with urgency to NOT be a racist...people aren't always what they seem...and the folks you'd never expect...are the bad guys...etc...

I also know of the Prof. Gates reputation. He teaches here. My friend, a female, took a course of his for "enlightenment" and bridging gaps. Let's just say this, he bashes the "oppression" thing into the ground...and doesn't have positive things to say about society and good people. He creates a wedge with his teachings of racism and oppression. This is a bit of what I know as a professional...and on a personal level...he's rude, abrupt and arrogant.

The whole media thing grabbed and ran with this...and it shouldn't have happened. People chose sides...didn't have all facts...and it was a crime like the L.A. riots. I lived through that...

One of the very few incidents in Beverly Hills, found me, like always, right smack in the middle.

I was waiting in line for gas...traffic bumper to bumper on Wilshire...as all people were fleeing home. I had friends that flew from Boston and were air born before the Riots broke out. Sitting in the gas line I started to see a crowd of men with bats and chains etc...stomping from car roof top to car roof top...screaming, breaking windshields...etc...

Then I saw a man take a baby from the back of an SUV and run...I was about to get out of my car when I saw that he came back for the mother...it was the station attendant bringing them to safety.

Not that it matters, the mom and child were White...the rescue hero Gas Station guy was Latino...and the violent crowd of men were African Americans.

Then out of nowhere 20 squad cars screeched up with guns in hand. I didn't stay for the rest...

I went home and suffered from the curfews, lungs burning from smoke and asthma...no pay because productions were paused as well as my bar tending job at a bar and grill on Beverly Drive was closed.

These are the type of things that happen when a racial slur is spat...from any culture...and the person feeling "entitled" to hurl these statements are the actual racists.

In the Rodney King example...

The man WAS pummeled by the police. I don't know if it was right or wrong BUT, it went to court and the judgement was made. If people felt a sense of "injustice" for Rodney King...did they have to burn, kill and hate...in their own neighborhoods? Among their family and friends...this is how people screaming "INJUSTICE" are actually aggravating the claim they make...Burning and Killing and Stealing...are all "INJUSTICES"! This is what I mean by folks rallying hate...running with it...and suffering the consequences.

People across all colors and faiths and cultures are doing it everyday. Take it? NO! Deal with it by means of Civilized Humans? Yes.

Right or Wrong...I didn't do it...I had no part in it...So, because a hate rally finds me guilty because of my color, address, car and income...again, having no part in Rodney King's case what so ever...I need to burn, suffer and hide.

Sounds like, "guilty by asscociation" crap.

Sounds like the events and crimes during Nazi Germany.

In Gates vs Crowley MY opinion is based of personal and professional knowledge. Research from all sides of what the American people were doing and saying.

An assessment of the situation...and the following nonsense that went on and on.

People, including the president were quick to judge and make statements and slurs...without any knowledge of the full facts. BTW it's all on tape.

You can imagine the hate bashing I received on CNN Ireport...the comments people made, in the name of racism...were very racist, arrogant and ignorant. When I asked for the facts that brought them to their conclusion...they fell short.

They were guilty as the supposed crime they were rallying for.


I have just got news from 4 friends that they received a "reference check" call regarding the position I applied for as an advocate for people that don't know the ropes of programs or treatment they are eligible for.

I'd really dig being one of the advocates for folks that need someone like me.

After my whole kidney scare again...I woke up today feeling better...and fearless. When I have a flare up I hibernate...this time I thought I had "end stage renal failure" because, I read a lot of medical sites, and I have no chemistry skills, and I was diagnosing myself. I saw my doctor and same old same old...surgery and remission.At least I know...and have been there a million times.

Sound familiar? Drawing my own conclusions...based on my ignorant opinion. I had myself dead and buried.

I'm not a doctor...I didn't have all the facts...

Yet...I scared myself to death...and decided, this is my "death sentence" without the proper facts or knowledge. I just decided.

And that not only screwed me with fear...I brought along my loved ones too.
THAT is being guilty of not having enough facts to support my opinion.

Lastly, you know how some of us that are VERY close...full of love and heart for each other... almost pick up each others thoughts? Then call or email or message a few words pertinent to what is going on to someone?

This time it was one very close person in my life to have a turn.

I woke to read, 1 line about today being a great day and feeling fine and yesterday is over and no worries, kind of sentence...in a simple text.

There are no co incidents...and my check in with my heart and soul loved friend confirmed that they just had a hunch.

I'm so blessed...and so are you and everyone.

A lot of people just don't know it.
Some just need to get out of self and into God.
And the world can return to harmony and away from destruction and selfishness.

Buy an elderly woman in line at the doughnut shop....her coffee and muffin.
I do stuff like that to express my gratitude to those that worked so hard for all we have.

And the...

Full Circle


And Completes...

Once again.