23 March 2010

I'm War Torn, Afraid To Speak...Do I Dare To Breathe???

Yes, I'm in the studio again...Yes, I've kept my feelings for this work hidden.  In all honesty...I don't know if I can do my talents any kind of justice becaue of the pain.  New word around Jim's Town is "Rhumatoid Arthritis".  I feel the more I'm poked and prodded every week at my appointments...they'll finally find that my head had been severed and was left in the office over the weekend.

I'm doing the best that I can.  I'm volunteering my time for a charatible mission and that is how I wound up on
TV and how these other offers are coming in...Funny, I didn't make a dime on my Return To The Spotlight...Offers are very lucrative...However, I'm remaining true to UA as I am employed by the company...and I always do the right thing.

Regarding UA, Politics, My Disabilaty etc...
There was a story on my server that was an actual note to our President.  The words were mine...the letter was real.  The problem I'm having...and why I'm afraid to speak...is that my server is somehow uploading stories I haven't tweaked or finished.  Take my letter to the president...that was a work in progress.  I never brought it forward for all to read.  It just happened...and the same is happening to other's I know that write about politics and corporate America.  Oh well, words are out on how I feel...I now feel like a music artist when one of my demos are stolen and circulated.  Unfinsihed work...and it should never have been made public. 

My story was published before I had the chance to remove personal identites...ie my job, my condition etc...So, now...buzz around town is that I've "gone postal".  Think what you want and now hear the real story. 
Yes, it was mine...No, it was not for anyone to see...in the published form anyway.  I will not keep my unedited stories behind my server...I'll free flow them or upload them from my hard drive.

That being said, I have pool therapy today...I'm having a hard time standing.  Knees, Hips...you know...

God will take care of this...The banner waves behind my wall...

I surrender.

Much love to those who care...
Much love to those that don't.