08 June 2009

Finally, My Little Blue White Fire Gem...OR My Sparkling Angel From Over The Phone...My Friend And Angel Like Lady...Vicky.

I work on a lot of very complex international tickets. Some take over an hour to complete. For the tickets that are not written in English or, not figured in US dollars or, if tickets are written out with letters I cant read, for example, tickets from China or Saudi Arabia...I call a special desk located in another state. As you've heard me say before, I don't believe in co incidence. When I have a really difficult ticket that I can't access the "backdoor" to it in my computer system(all tickets have something written in the computer and/or on the computer system itself all code like letters, numbers and signs that it would take too long to explain here but, I need the info)...I call this desk. They have access to the Global ticket computer...I don't know how they do it really. It's usually after I've pulled out all my hair and when I start on my eyebrows...I call. When I'm having the worst day...the day when you work and stand looking down over the computer all day...switching to your bi-focals because...you don't have 1 second to go to the men's room to remove your contact lenses...that you...so embarrassingly rip them out of your dried out eyeballs in front of the shocked face of the passenger...I mean, on days like the ones I'm talking about...stormy, rainy days when there are no flights going anywhere...and all the people have been backed up for days and want to cut out and eat my spleen (that is so gross...sorry but, you have to be there to get it)and you have to somehow get a little old lady, that is crying and speaks no English... to some obscure place in Macedonia because, her husband is dying...and you can't get the interpreter on the line...and your line is backed up from Phoenix to Tokyo...I always seem to get Vicky...and the misery in the world goes away...

And she returns to me something I thought I had forgotten...my laughter.

I'll be back soon to tell you how our friendship came to be after never meeting in person but, speaking on the phone almost everyday...for up to an hour sometimes...while she scours her computer for ticket validity, rules, codes...etc...I keep the passenger updated...and over time, get to know this beautiful gem that God sent me...

And yes, her eyes are really like the color of a blue white fiery gem.

Bless you Vicky...


Finally...to finish my Vicky story.

I am very sorry for not updating my website. My computer crashed...and Tom took a long time working on it (God bless him...and thank you God for him...my big computer geek) he recovered a lot of my mp3's...they were tracks sent to me by singers to have me layer my vocals on their tracks...kind of harmonizing or back up singing...
The thing that was totally gone was...take a guess?
Yup...my folders of years and years of my journals...ideas...thoughts...memories...etc...
I am not upset now...as I look at it and think...God wants me to deliver to you fresh material...even in my most messed up frame of mind...
...and sometimes I wish I didn't...but, it's all in here...and I'm going to tell you all about it.

Again...out of tragedy comes great art...
Thank you God for my unconditional, loving protectors...NEVER giving up on me.

Back to Vicky...

I went to Chicago for over a month on business. Tom and I went there together and we lived out of a hotel room. Normally, I like to travel but, I was ill with painful kidney stones...and whatever those big trucks spray in the air...everywhere at night...I couldn't breathe because of it.
I was in a difficult situation work wise...and I was really down.

This is where Vicky comes in.

After I had spent all that time with her on the phone...we finally met in Chicago.
When Tom and I arrived at the hotel the front desk clerk gave us a huge care package...from Vicky. It contained everything I love...coffee...caramel...mocha wafer sticks...etc...
How did she know?
We eagerly asked the clerk, "What did she look like?!?!?!?" She just said, "well...she's short and has long blond hair...and she's so nice."
I was like, "that's it?"

The whole situation was really strange because, it seemed like on line or over the phone dating...which I've never done.
(My good friend has done it actually...and married the guy last fall)

Tom crashed into bed right away...we were meeting Vicky that night for dinner at the hotel...our day was over 24 hours because, when you leave for a month (I've carried a big briefcase or sports bag my whole life and it contains everything I might possibly need in case of being stuck under rocks due to a landslide) you pack...and check...etc...and you have to be at the airport at 4:30 am. So Tom took a nap...I went and got a really bad haircut and I looked like a bleached blond 80s new wave keyboard player...oh well.
That night Tom and I got ready...all snazzed up.
Oddly though I was nervous...even after talking over the phone...after work as well as we exchanged numbers.

Keep in mind I was in a bad place with work etc...

In the lobby stood Vicky. I knew her instantly. Yes, she was a tiny lady...with blue, white, fiery eyes that melt your heart...long blond hair...and she just sparkled when I saw her...
And just like in a dramatic movie...we ran to each other and embraced...in tears.

And all during my trip to Chicago...she protected and loved me unconditionally.

Once again....

God delivered.
He was so generous...as he put "Angel Vicky" in my life.

The picture was taken when she came to visit me here in the Boston Suburbs. She came at the right time...as you can see (I wish the picture quality was better) Autumn was casting it's beautiful display of the trees leafs swan song...a good bye...and a promise to come back in the spring.

Thank you Vicky.
Thank you God.
Full Circle.


  1. Hi Jim:

    I was going through my pocketbook and came across your web site address that you gave me a few weeks back and decided to take a look -- and it was wonderful. I have always thought of you as a special person - I never really knew why - just that you came across as someone who was expecially caring with a smile and kind words - what a wonderful gift you give and try to share with others. You have a wonderful way of looking at life - I only wish I could see with some of the clarity that you do. We're told we're here for a reason and luckly it seems as if you understand and have found yours or that you seem to be at peace within yourself. I truly wish you much happiness in your venture. I'll see you at that pharmacy!!


  2. Jim, You are a light in my life and I've missed you. As you know, I've been fighting my way out of the bewitched forest like Harry Potter.

    We haven't spoken about Farrah or Michael Jackson's death, but I've been thinking about you intensely and praying that all is well in your world. Your mother came to mind from an epiphany I had while writing. Remind me to tell you about it when we speak next week.

    Love you and love to Tommy.

    You are an angel on God's earth.

    And you are surrounded by such love and so many angels I can see them!


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