30 May 2009


Well, I've finally gone ahead and did it. This is my new website. I really hope everyone likes it and will contribute.

I have a ton of ideas in many files on my hardrive and on my phone. I always would encourage anybody to reach me at Jim@jameshillisford.com with their ideas.

I plan to help enrich people's lives with my own experiences and yours. Out of tragedy comes great art. That old saying is true. Little by little I'll let you know the real story...and maybe in one of my stories will be "an answer in waiting" to one of your questions, thoughts...etc. I hope, because of some of the paths I have taken to get here...and they weren't always pleasant...might make you design a different path for yourself.

I'm am the happiest, blessed guy you will come across. Believe me, I don't go around singing like, "Mary Poppins" but, I truly shouldn't be here because of a series of events in my life. Life is all about taking chances. Life is not about settling for the path of least resistance. The Universe is meant to be challenged. With the help of God...or your Spirit...or Angel etc...(anything from what you deem "the Divine") anything is possible. If this weren't true...we'd have no electricity, cell phones etc... Just ponder the universe for a second. Why does the sea...stay in the sea and NOT flood the land and houses and people. What makes the earth, our beautiful home...spin so perfectly that it's timed...right to the dot. I mean, here in Boston, we have 4 seasons...like everywhere, but, the leaves explode with colors in Autumn. Spring brings new life with ducklings...green grass and flowers...Winter is snowy, cold and full of icicles and slippery driveways. And the summer is where I retreat, when I can, to the vast blue Atlantic Ocean along the Maine coast.

Again, I'm just getting started. Please, everyone, help me along. You'll see the title of my first story for my site. This woman is awesome. Lydia Cornell. You just will love her "REAL STORY".

I pray you'll love to drop in and enjoy the "ride called life" with me and experience each other's journeys here in our greatest gift called life.

Please comment below!


28 May 2009

THE LYDIA CORNELL STORY...by James Hillis Ford


The story of a very long friendship that has lasted for years. This woman, in a lot of ways, saved my life. She is a very famous and gifted actor, comedienne and the most incredibly gifted writer and journalist. If you haven't checked out her "Beirut Diaries" it's journalism at it's best. Take a look at her site. http://lydiacornell.com/ for such amazing, in depth stories and view on everything from Politics, Corruption at it's worst, and my favorite...the healing we all need from the political crimes of the last administration. She is NOT afraid to touch on anything.
There is nothing like the story of this woman. It will leave you stunned, changed for the good...for she can get you heart and soul...and help you through her own experiences...and remind us all of how blessed we truly are.

Married now, she has a son and a stepson and lives in a beautiful English Tudor home in Beverly Hills. She used to be my neighbor. Always working...full of light and energy.

Classically stunning this lady looks 10 years younger than she is. I saw her last a couple of months ago after a long time. All eyes are on her...and I'll tell you the secret of her famous beauty. Yes, she has a perfect face, body and hair but, her inner beauty, her heart and soul, love and compassion for everyone, and her self being always in touch with the Divine...shines though her whole presence. And grabs you!

I promise you will be amazed by her interview...and you'll learn a lot about your own self as well.

My eyes still close when someone speaks her name...
My best friend, hero and teacher...

The lady that saved my life (I won't tell you how many years ago)

Lyida Cornell
Just a quick update on Lydia...
She's been very busy authoring her book...and running her own heavily visited blog. Her fans adore her...and those that visit from both parties debate really strongly.
Her latest "call out" is the crime of "The Homosexuality Crisis in California".
Here is an excerpt that I wrote on her blog regarding this matter...
"Lydia...You know my whole take on this. Hatred of Gays, hatred of "foreigners", hatred of "towelheads" etc...I am Gay. I didn't know it until my mid 20s. I had always been with women until then. I came to you when I was questioning my sexuality because of how society made me feel about myself. Imagine...in your 20s...in the business I was in...finding out you'd rather share your bed with another GUY?!?!?!Do you know what? That's all it is. You know of recent events in my life where I feel shame.THERE SHOULDN'T BE ANY SHAME!GOD MADE EVERYONE IN THE LIKENESS OF HIMSELF! PERFECT!For the bigots screeching and hollering about how sinful homosexuality is (anyone remember Haggard?!?) they should check their OWN backyards...or BACKSIDES?!!!!!Those that holler the loudest and the most are guiltiest of the crimes.This "league of mother's for families" should be promoting "ALL FAMILIES" children from same sex couples are mostly the most normal well rounded children given every chance to grow...for their not usually living in a bigoted house cloistered with hate.Hate teaches hate.What California did was a crime. It's unconstitutional...and it is sad.It doesn't matter what my take on gay marriage is...or my take on anything for that matter.Those that condemned people like me... I want to see their papers proving they are the new messiah or the one that had the authority to re-write the constitution...because God and the Constitution says..."All men are created equal!"Where did my "equal" go?It was taken because I sleep with a guy that I love?Not with a hooker doing meth...Haggard is capitalizing on his crimes. "It is a sin if I act on homosexual urges...for it is not God like and it's a sin."Ted, says who?Hate says who.Hate teaches hate...and it all starts at some bigots home with their family that has no chance.For those that are that far gone...I'm so sorry. And for those that keep believing...don't stop, your pay is due and will come...I promise.Pray."
7:37 PM