01 January 2010

I Really, Honest To God Believe In Love Healing All Of Us...Happy New Year! This is going to be huge...I mean...HUGE!

Here it is 2010 in my hometown of Boston. I have such feelings of relief AND a feeling of a huge event coming that is going to shift from sad, corrupt, greed, deceit, murder and propaganda...to an abundance of love, healing, comfort, protection and all things good...once the initial "chaos" is over.

I'm NOT a psychic...however I do have hunches from time to time...

Read my post about "God Delivers" God answers you...we just need to listen.

I KNOW heart and soul that people like you and me and the market checker and the waiter and the operator and the flight attendant...etc...will finally be recognized, provided for...and our voices will be returned. Our voices have been stolen, silenced, bought and robbed. We were led into evil and deception...however, this is a new dawn...close that chapter and forgive it...and start writing a new page with me.

Put it this way, if you set yourself or anyone up for failure it's bound to happen...collectively, if we ALL work together...we will overcome the Master/Slave population created by Bush, Cheney, Romney...etc...Our freedom was bought, changed hands and was sold. And we payed big.

The promise is coming...together, "yes we can!"

Chaos will be in those with total self serving, greedy, criminal, Godless people...they too will have an option of healing...and they will find, they have no other choice.

2010 is a year of promise, healing, helping...and most of all...


We must take care of ALL of us...especially those that have difficulties with tasks that you and I feel are so simple that we don't often think about it.

Eating, Bathing, Doctor Check Ups, Nurturing, Shelter...


Please forgive the sorrows of the world caused lately...

And promise that you will do your part in "doing the right thing"!

Save Us.

Much love and blessings and miracles...from this day forward.




2010 The return to Love!