15 July 2009

The Good Ol' Days...when Nana or Ma couldn't get us in the house!!!

Call me old...call me weird and out of touch.

I was just wondering if anyone shared any of these thoughts.

When I was growing up...as far back as I can remember (believe it or not my earliest memory was at 2!) kids had wild and crazy imaginations. They liked to be among other kids. Yeah, we had toys...and sports equipment and books (I loved to read before bed) but, we always wanted to be outside playing Super Heros or Star Wars...or stick ball...Tag...Red Rover...swimming, kick ball...you name it.

Today, if I forget my blackberry...I'm screwed. I don't retain people's phone numbers. I always had a ton of numbers in my head...and there were many...and names and appointments etc...How did we evolve so quickly...so rapidly to depend on technology to get by on your day?!?!?

I remember looking things up in the dictionary...going to the library...reading a really cool book (gnawing on my lower lip because the suspense would be killing me) reading the newspaper... Today, even though it was my whole business and field...I don't watch TV...The last movie I saw was "Doubt" and before that it was Fantastic Four...the 1st one!!!

Today's kids seem to have a problem with social skills. I write this as I'm on my own website...connected to the world...on a computer! Digital. Oh geez.

Also, kids have so much more than we ever had. My grandmother and mom invested in traveling. There were 7 kids all together. Five brothers and sisters and a cousin. We were at the beach or driving to Washington DC or Florida or Montreal...then over to San Francisco or Seattle then Alaska and Oregon. I'm in the travel industry and the world is my oyster.

I feel kind of like (God didn't bless me with children) kids are plopped in front of the TV or Computer with the most life like visionary toys that I almost die. Violence...blood...you name it.

Television is so rapidly fragmented that the kids don't absorb anything like my days of "Romper Room" (my very first television show at 5 years old with Miss Jean...on the set I remember seeing the Magic Mirror was not real and being heartbroken) Sesame Street, Pixan, Zoom, The Electric Company. Even cartoons were geared toward children having morals and values...

I'm not jaded...I guess it's the way of the world.

I remember my Aunt Joan, My grandmother and my Mom buying me a car like thing. You would sit in it and pedal your heart out...driving for a 4 year old. To this day she laughs as all we wanted to do was play with the box it came in.

Thank you God for the childhood I had...and letting me get to where I can appreciate what I have...and not reaching for more and more and more... Don't get me wrong I work hard for a new printer or to invest in something fine but, I take the time to smell the roses.

Bless you all.

Mom's have the hardest jobs in the world.

And you do a fine job.



  1. When I was a kid and lucky enough to get out I never looked back until it was punishment time. Hate Blackberry's and still can't stop perusing the dictionary when I open it as I do almost daily.
    Tickle your inner child and always keep him alive. That is a character you do not want to lose.

  2. OMIGOD!! I am howling OUT LOUD at how cute you look in the bathtub! And then under it you say: "Call me old, call me weird.. but you look 12 YEARS OLD!!

    love you Jim
    Can't talk today, but you should talk to my friend Josie. She's a woman of God from Nebraska, is trusting to heal from cancer.. I'll send you her email. She is a writer too! so loving and prayerful.

  3. Jim, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. You are amazing! I'm posting a link to your blog and a profile of your website over the weekend. I'll put up a link ASAP and a renewed BIRTHDAY WISH!

    Let's start celebrating our birthdays again today.

    We can start the day over at any moment.

    Remember the Golden Key.



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