01 June 2009

God Protect and Bless Farrah Fawcett

The woman was so famous that people would just buy magazines because her photo was in it. Then "The Enquirer" and "The Star" would put a new picture of her on their front page from time to time with the by line, "There are no Farrah Fawcett Stories This Week..."

I followed Farrah's career...up to today. I feel like I somehow betrayed her for not watching her "biography" play out on TV. She is a brave, TALENTED woman with a huge heart. Yeah, sometimes the "media" wasn't so kind to her...regarding her movie roles. IE "Somebody Killed Her Husband" and "Sunburn". And in her personal life ie Lee Majors and Ryan O'Neil and her recovering son...that she adores, Redmond. I knew she was better than that. I just had a hunch.

The play she was starring in that led to the movie, "Extremities" knocked me and the world out!

Farrah has talent!!!

The TV roles and Movie roles subsequent to that meaty role she played so well, were now recognized as "Best Actress" material. The "Burning Bed" also knocked us out.

I look at Farrah now...with tears in my eyes...as she is saying a painful "good-bye" to her billions of fans. I'm sad, of course but, Hey...Look at her life, her masterpieces and accomplishments...right up to the final hours she's living. Bringing awareness to Rectal Cancer. I hope people are now aware that there was next to NO FUNDING for any kind of research during the last administration for cancer like hers...or any other illness for that matter. No one in the "House" seemed to care...All eyes were supposed to be on the "War" as we were robbed blind and stripped of our rights as private citizens.

Things are changing...I feel the Electricity. The Right side is furious that the changes are working...the evil one's are plotting the worst for Obama and his wonderful, righteous Administration, with our best interest at heart. NOT MR and MRS Moneybags ONLY!

I would like to offer a quick all encompassing prayer...for those that "don't believe" just skip this part...

Dear God, Jesus, Mary and all the Angels...

Here we are again, here I am again touching base.

Please help us that want to heal. Please look at Farrah and the people like her
That are in so much pain but choose to think of their mission
Through their agony...
Thank you for all our blessings...
Please bring awareness of your
"Always with me" presence.
I know you never left me
That's why I'm still here.
Thank you for Lydia Cornell....
The very first person to tell me what was going on with me...when I was in withdrawl from my addictions.
When I was so sick...
Please heal the those afflicted with diseases.
Please heal those afflicted with addiction.
Please put "healers" in the path of people that need them the most.
Thank you for letting me be there...always.
Thank for never letting go.
Thank you for letting me opt for different paths...
Thank you for letting me and many teach about certain paths from hard experience.
I love you
Full Circle
Please continue to Bless and Protect us all...
Farrah Fawcett wasn't just one of Charlie's Angels...She was everyone's Angel...
Jim Hillis


  1. Hi everybody...
    I know this is a new website...and I'm starting out solo...as I've been writing for others and will continue to.

    This is what I've been too afraid to do. With age does come wisdom...and I am NOT afraid to write about the truth.

    Please comment on Farrah or other parts of my site.

    She wasn't just Charlie's Angel...she was Everybody's Angel.

  2. I absolutely love Farrah -- she always struck me as one of those who was as genuinely nice in real person as she came across as being on tv.


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