18 July 2011


It's no secret I had a freelance assignment and a deadline to do an investigative report on Michele Bachmann.  I pulled every version of the fact checked, honest, brutal truth.  I read everything I could get my hands on...liberal and conservative views...I made calls...I watched videos and listened to tapes for days...for 3 brutal weeks.  I was becoming a changed man...and I didn't like who I was becoming...that man that was evolving was so sad...I mean HEAVY depressed, quick tempered, afraid, insulted, humiliated...and I realized...that's their Houdini.  That's the wolf in sheep skin...That is what they call "The DEVIL"...I was right where they wanted me...and where they are putting innocent people.  In a Master/Slave, Elite/Scum, Worthy/UnWorthy, Live/Die...They, including Michele Bachmann bitch about every people supporting piece of work brought forward was met at the door with a chainsaw...NO, F with the people of America!  I want my money back! The GOPs painted a deplorable, scary, untrue picture and with Media at their every finger snap...They are scaring the hell out of the heart of America.  The soul of America. The United States OF America...and they will NOT stop...a speeding train on a one way track...cannot railroad along forever.  There is that big hard wall...so strong...it leaves The United States...and all our honest, loving, families...everything our fore fathers and our families blood and grit...all our gifts...all our blessings...will go shattering past us...and it will be gone forever.  How does that sound?  Provocative enough?
The Tea Party...where the GOP VIPers...lie...scream...plan...the power of hate, anger, destruction, guns, propaganda...the tank keeps filling...Throw in bigotry...hatred for anybody that isn't a carbon (dioxide?) copy of them...The cauldron is brewing...

I need to tell The GOPs...to tell their fuc***** buddies...To stop the act of "pitting man against man...until man will exist no more..."

I want The Criminal Koch Bros...the ones that have paid over $55 million dollars in pollution fines alone...to come clean.  Do you really think that Scientific evidence...or better yet...you look at the murky skies, feel the acid radio active diesel fuel filled rain...take a swim in The Gulf of Mexico...get a tan in Antarctica...WAKE UP! People...if you all continue to be bullied by people that have your money...go ahead and sit and seethe in your despair...or get off your ass...research...find the truth...and quit voting for people that don't want anything from you but, your blood...and your money! Quit supporting politicians that get funding, hush money, bribes, off the books extreme transfer of cash...to pay for a person such as Michele Bachmann to destroy the EPA...and in her pitiful lying as she goes along  and on and on with the tired and stupid rhetoric about our need for Carbon Dioxide.  Its THE TOXIC LEVELES YOU LIED ABOUT FOR KWICK KOCH KASH SO, SHUT UP MICHELE!  I love you...but I'm begging for you to stop the annihilation of people that came from the SAME God as you.  You are mean.  Gay crimes,GAY LIES, GAY FACTS...NOT! Gay people, Gay suicide...GAY GAY GAY...is that how you blow out your long winded carbon dioxied noxious  gasess during your speeches? Are you playing a skipping album stuck on GAY?  What is your big obsession with Gay people?  You are blasphemous when you deliver a report that you call facts...to a growing group of fuel filled people...you keep filling the tank with your lies, creating fear based division among innocent mankind.  You know what I see, Michele.  Your dirty facts are out there...I've got a few more...I changed my mind again.  I want to talk about you.  You are the AntiChrist.  You warp the Old Testament...and every slant of esoteric at best spin of Leviticus words...Judges...Christ came to take that all away!!!!!  Where did you get your education?  A free online course?  At The Christian Based ORAL ROBERTS INSTITUTE?  The Oral Roberts law degrees...and shuffling of papers and false facts and credentials is where the poorly skilled students go when they can't pass law school? Cant pass the Bar...and they are desperate?  That's your credential.  And if you keep pursuing what your doing...We are in big TROUBLE! 

The foster children...all 23 of them, The many stories you've told us...altering slightly each time...or not even spoken of. It is your job to educate us on any of our questions, concerns and ideas...You are running and trying to convince us that you are strong enough to hold the metaphorical shield of protection with one arm...and keep us, as Americans safe and sound under your other arm.

This brings me to some thoughts and credential questions...and the qualifications and licensure procedures regarding the special clinical needs of your foster girls and what are the legalities regarding the transition of your home to a clinic. Some of those girls had problems beyond being unloved, shuffled around, going to a place where their keepers take cash...and can't wait to get the next kid in.  Surely I'm not implying anything here...not to Mrs Bachmann. Or her husband...in crime.  So, after digging around the truth and facts a sharp contrast to  are a very different reality than the bullsh** stories that you spin. 
Some of the children had the label of "eating disorder" "anxiety disorders".  Can you educate us on any of that.  According to the APA, PDA, PDR...it's pretty cut and dry regarding certian procedural rules of thumb that need to be followed.

To me, in my estimation if I may? There it looks like to me opportunity knocked...just like you and your fathers farm money...but, that's another story, again truth is a sharp contrast to your very different spin on "the facts". 
Back to Your Foster Parenthood. 

The children came 3 at maximum at a time...and the little blessed impressionable innocent children were placed in your care...and in your husbands. 

Due to the fact that a few had "psychiatric labels". For gosh sakes what innocent child wouldn't...given what is happening to them in a non working old broken system that you refuse to support a fix for. I can imagine such heinous acts of pure cruelty these little souls witnessed and experienced. I can only imagine...and I don't want to....but, my lips move in silent prayer...for the girls the Street Angels Your home. Your house.  The home you shared with your husband...your family...your roof over your head...and warm bed to sleep in...maybe,even next to your husband. Somehow someone someway gave the thumbs up and it was deemed and stamped eligible for government funding, state funding...etc...to have it labeled as a clinic of sorts. I need to know the procedures followed, and the roads and work taken to make this into legal reality?  That came into fruition...so quickly...so easily...Did your husband at the time have his online degree giving him the certain qulified and recognised credentials to care for these special class of girls? 

Please, Mrs Bachmann...I am in no way minimizing the work and tender love and care and attention you told the world that you so freely gave to these girls...I love you for that...and I pray for you...and those girls that had to move on...to the next home after an average of 3 months or so at your place.  That is a lot of work...a lot of specialized education , a lot of responsibility, a lot of dedication to your family, the foster children, your husband...and the qualifications to harbour a safe haven "clinic". Words are weird...spin them around a bit...and the same sentence can mean 3 very different things.  The wording of it...that's what my grandmother called it.

You said, during a public speech...something that brought instant tears to my eyes...like the saddest movie...the worst heartache...as if you were speaking about and to me...You told an audience your opinion of Melissa Etheridge, the famous beloved folksinger...her songs are so beautiful...full of hope...the excitement of love...  Michele Bachmann said that she has cancer now...and that is too bad...the good side of it is...she will have time to reflect on her gay sinful lifestyle.  What kind of a Monster would say something like that?  What kind of Monster?  I wasn't there...I read it, heard it from people...secondary to some people that were there.  I also know about spins on words...and doctored recordings...I pray with all my heart...Please, Michele...you didn't say it.  A woman, a mother...a foster mother to 23 children...anxiety ridden, mentally distressed children!~This is what I refuse to believe...because if you don't listen or look...sometimes it goes away.  But it always comes back...haunting you...scaring you...praying for it to stop because it's so sad...

So, to go on further if anyone...or even you, Michele Bachmann...and your husband Marcus Bachmann...father to countless children indeed.  Now that you have some capital...really GOOD capital...oh, I better back up a bit.  You were paid top dollar from state and government programs to have your beautiful home wear the "clinic" sign...and for the brave courageous girls that came through your home...for a few days...a month...almost a year...but, none of them were ever picked by you and your husband to stay...to stay longer...to adopt..."moving on"...I pray for nothing but, divine intervention for these girls...their chance in this, today's outrageous, extreme everything kind of world...you know as much as I so that they have a slim chance of having not just a semi normal life of happiness...and an even less of a chance to enjoy high luxuries.

That's what I think, read, discussed, gathered...all mashed together...I don't lie...take it for what it's worth.

I'm not finished yet.  I want to talk about your husband.  Dr. Marcus Bachmann.  The BARBARIAN name calling topic of yesterday.  This is what I've gathered...added with common sense...from me...and from people with big hearts.  One cannot tell a man's sexual preference by the way he walks, talks, acts...or his gestures and mannerisms.  Some men were raised exclusively around women...some guys are gentle...it doesn't matter.  My take?  I'm not a judge...and I don't but, here is my opinion. 
Dr Marcus Bachmann is the opposite to you in many ways...but,the best couples work out because a balance of strengths and abilities.  Michele...you speak of how people should be.  You bold face tell people how to love, act, vote for...you tell them boldly that they are the devils work...you know what you say...then lie from heaven to hell saying your recorded speech is not what you said...never said...I never did that...I think you are a master of disguises...and manipulation of the masses...You are incredible.  And, I still love you Michele.  You are from the same place as me...and yes, we are all equal...you little Constitution girl.

Dr Marcus Bachmann is a tall, strongly built man.  His blond hair is perfect...always...I don't know if it's a wig or a lot of hairspray...THAT DOESN'T MATTER.  And it shouldn't.  However with your nose in my bedroom constantly...and flashing around a label you want me to wear based on something so personal...you need to mind your own buisness...and clean your husbands kitchen or something.  But, where you've taken so many liberties to condemn me...or anybody like me...or everyone that does not fit into your cash vault which by the way is growing even larger by the infamously cruel Koch brothers gifts (EPA FINED FOR MASSIVE POLLUTION FAUX PAS AT LEAST $ 55 MILLION IN FINES...AND BIG SUPPORTERS OF MICHELE BACHMANN)...and you vomit stories in congress about the non existence of factual evidence of climate deterioration...you get a bump from Koch...and they bump back with the elimination of EPA...hey, you and your husbands...and all your foster kids breathe the air, drink the water...swim in the same toxins as everyone else...so that whole crime makes me feel that you are out of your mind...having moments of complete psychosis...Borderline probably...early childhood trauma, PTA, disconnect...espisodes of questionable characteristics of one with MPD...however not proven. 

Dr Bachmann is very effeminate in a very multi dimensional way.  Stereotypes...as if I were Michele Bachman using a biggoted form of speech that I find so offensive. Just becasue the shock of a bigots rhetoric is so old and tired and it's been done too much. I found this description. OMG! he is more "flaming" gay than me...and I'm wearing a red caftan and I'm smoking a Virgina Slim ciggarette through a long ladies ciggarette holere" to quote a comment from youtube.  There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!  I'm trying to paint a picture...in the designs of what you, Michele Bachmann would do.  There are videos of him walking down a long hallway...while vigorously flapping and shaking and twirling his hands in the air.  Not Masculine by any stereotypical description that you would paint.  Another video of him in a crowded room, apparently after Michele Bachmann, gave a speech.  As he spoke to people and thanked them for (MONEY? DONATIONS?) he, to me...seemed a lot like a Broadway show actress...very Bette Midlerish, Marilyn Monroeish...you know, Farrah Fawcett smile...for a picture...his head and face and eyes...all wildly exaggerated.  So, again, I'm not judging...condemning...I wouldn't even notice...but, because he's the husband of Michele Bachman...the woman being scorned in horror by as many as those that would lick her boot.  I love you, Michle Bachmann.  Even though I think you are in part responsible for political based gun wars...shooting and deaths of innocent people...and also a cause of gay men and women so afraid because of people like you...they commit suicide and I metaphorically can see your name engraved on their bloddy blade. You could have helped...but, you and your husband's obsession with every ones sexuality...especially the small population of men and women that are GAY ABOMINATIONS.  The sinners.  The unGodly.  The..."fix them in your clinic Marcus...fix them...repairative therapy make them straight so I can love them...Marcus, You are raking in over 100 thousand dollars in government money to work on the gay to straight conversion therapy.  We have seen one of your employees on hidden camera offer this therapy...The Bachmann's Obsession With Gays...  I promise to you that this next statement is not a mean spirited jab but, did Dr Marcus Bachmann quit his gay to straight conversion half way through?  If you were a patient Michelle Bachmann...I would paint a metaphorical picture as you do...and this is your work...your business...your means of income...your words.  I think you are starting to act more and more like a "straight woman".  You are starting to wear heels...you can still see a strong masculine gait as you cross the stage to speak to a crowd...eager to learn...and you teach them absolutely NOTHING.  NOTHING.  What good are you going to do for The United States Of America, Michelle Bachmann?  You have the audacity to stand on a podium and look at frail Americans in the eye watching in crowds...on TV...everywhere...countless people....you have the balls to describe a plan of Eliminating...EVERY DAMN THING YOU HAVE HOOKED AND CROOKED FOR YEARS.  When you open your mouth to speak...I can honestly say in my heart and soul...I hear the cries of hell...the pain...the eternal suffering...the torture...eternal...in MICHELE BAHCMANN's self made hell.

Girl...you have really got to knock this shi* off.  The train is getting closer to the end of the world...and we as voters are being urged by you and your utter hate and lies...To give you the steering wheel?  I think not!

I'm gay Michele, for your own account.  I guess that's what I am...I used to date women...I fell in love with a man.  LOVE IS BLIND.  Stop making a mockery of love...come clean with yourself MICHELE BACHMANN!  If you and your husband made a perfect plan of hiding behind marriage because you're both gay...and feel like...no, this will take it away...It won't


I'm sorry for this Politician, Evangelical, Anger and Flame Typed article...I feel like Michele Bachmann, I feel like...now, I feel like hell.

Do you, Michele Bachmann?  Marcus?

I love you.  Without condition.

...and for you both...
I'm so sorry.

James Hillis Ford

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